The skin care device that showcases innovation’s finest hour –
Proven results in a variety of applications and challenging treatments!

The thermal mesotherapy device  uses cutting-edge fractional technology, free from laser and radiofrequency radiation. Heat is delivered d to the skin  with a non-degradable thermal treatment tip. Ideal for effective  aesthetic treatments. No radiation, no bleeding, no risk of eye damage, very low pain levels and shortened recovery time.

The device is designed for the following treatments:

  • Skin renewal and rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Active acne treatment
  • Eye area care
  • Skin lightening

Infusion of natural topical therapeutic solutions such as Hyaluronic Acid without injection, bleeding and pain.

The device achieves excellent results in skin renewal thanks to unique engineering:

  1. A miniature thermal tip with a micro-pyramid array: Transfers heat energy quickly to the outer skin layer during brief vertical motion contact – pain-free, eliminating the need to apply numbing cream prior to treatment or during skin cooling.
  2. The tip’s heat transfer method uses clean, targeted vaporization, which does not singe the skin. Every treatment pulse treats the skin uniformly with 81 micron-sized holes per one cm2 (0.155 inches2). The treatment is patient- and therapist-friendly because the patient experiences only a low level of pain and no anesthetic is needed. The treatment presents no danger to the eyes and the patient doesn’t need to stay at home after the treatment. Redness disappears in about 1 day, on average.

In the wound-healing process, each tiny hole heals quickly because it is surrounded by healthy skin. During the first few hours to several days following treatment, scabs form and the epidermis and skin underneath renew themselves in a process called epithelization. Then, extensive collagen remodeling takes place in the dermis over a few weeks to several months.The device achieves excellent results in skin renewal thanks to unique engineering:

Thermal Tip

General description: A miniature thermal tip with micro-pyramid array

Technical details: A metallic element, 1 cm2 (0.155 inches2) , possessing high thermal conductivity and coated with a thick layer of titanium

Treatment handpiece

General description: Ergonomic handpiece

Technical details: Weighs 300 grams (2/3 lb.)

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