Non-invasive & pain-free body sculpting
for immediate visible results

An integrated, high-quality system with international standards accreditations, that sculpts the clients’ body by a process of fat freezing and lymphatic transportation. The procedure is pain-free, non-surgical, and there is no need for special preparations or any interruption in your clients’ daily routine. Use of this device produces impressive results in body sculpting and treatment of excess fat. Treatment also accelerates diet and weight loss processes & leads to skin tissue enhancement. Satisfaction Guaranteed for beauticians and clients alike.
Positioning of applicators using the CRYO method in the right location and with precise temperature adjustment, allows delivering an accurate impact on fat cells in the body’s adipose tissue without damaging other cells and tissues which are less sensitive to cold. In addition, the perfect integration of two additional systems – radio wave vacuum and radio waves -facilitates the transportation of the removed fat into the body’s excretory system.

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Power cable

General description: A cable to connect the machine to the electrical power supply.

Technical details: Support up to 20 amps

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