LRI 1818

Hyper Pulse

A revolutionary pain-free Hair Removal Device
which is 5-10 times faster than other systems,
or in other words – up to 10 times increase in your earnings!

Cutting the treatment time to one-fifth of what is required to treat with other instruments and increasing your profits five times more is only one of the greatest benefits of the world’s innovative hair removal system using the ALT (a light beam). That’s why it’s no wonder that more and more beauticians replacing their laser hair removal devices with this remarkable new system.

The system is perfect for treating the following:

• Painless Hair Removal
• SR skin rejuvenation
• ST Lifting facial
• Acne Treatments
• Nail Fungus Treatment
• Lightening treatments
• Vascular treatments

These impressive results – Reduction of treatment duration to 1/5 of the time; Exceedingly high surface area coverage; and pain-free treatment are achieved thanks to the following exclusive features:

  1. Continuous Tissue Cooling, a patented technique that generates the desired results without heating over time, regardless of the amount of flashes produced. This patent is, by far, a unique and unparalleled technique worldwide.
  2. A Super-Fast Gliding System for fast coverage of large surface areas of work which reduces treatment duration. In addition, hand and leg switches for easy access and operation during treatment with a user-friendly operating system via a color monitor.
  3. Production of Five Light-Wave Flashes, filled with energy of up to 40 Joules per cm2 per second.


General Description: Enables the treatment of small isolated areas of skin.

Technical details: Made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which prevents overheating and is durable up to 600 degrees Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit).


Foot pedal

General Description: A pedal to help the treatment professional operate the machine, initiating and timing the device’s light flashes.


Power cable

General description: A cable to connect the machine to the electrical power supply.

Technical details: Support up to 20 amps


General description: Electro-optical filter to filter light beams to the spectrum needed for skin treatment. The filter produces light in wavelengths effective for the types of treatments desired.

Technical details: There are five types of filters, each to produce one of the different wavelengths (480 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 640 nm, 690 nm).

Box of filters

General description: A box designed to conveniently store 5 filters.

Technical details: A rigid, shock-absorbent box.

Protective eyeglasses

General Description: Glasses for shielding the eyes by filtering out light.

Eyeglass case

General Description: a case for storing and protecting eyeglasses.



General Description: Professional spray that helps the handpiece glide smoothly and quickly over the skin (used instead of gel, which is outdated, sticky and unpleasant).

Technical details: Glider is enriched with aloe vera extract and Maris, a salt-water tincture. It is designed for all skin types and helps protect the skin in the case of excess burning.

Warning: Do not use Glider with devices that use RF technology.


General description: A uniquely designed arm strap that distributes the weight of the handpiece throughout the arm.

Technical details: Made from durable fabric with a hook-and-loop closure.

Hyper Pulse Handpiece (7.5 cm²)

General Description: A unique ergonomic handpiece designed for hair removal treatments.

Technical details: Features a double cooling system, delivers up to 5 powerful light flashes per second and produces up to 400,000 flashes.


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