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about innovations and developments in the field of medical cosmetics

The name Leonardo da Vinci has always called to mind images of inventions and developments that introduced knowledge, innovation, and progress to the world. Today, when we look back at more than a decade of our work, we are convinced more than ever that we could not have pick a better name for our company which faithfully represents the type of work we do and the way we do it. Indeed, this is the core of the Company’s activity.

Developing, importing and marketing of state-of-the-art equipment combined with Nano-technological preparations for a range of medical cosmetic treatments and beauty care, primarily: hair removal at the speed of light (exclusive patent), body sculpting, skin rejuvenation and tightening, wrinkle removal, anti-aging as well as a wide range of other treatments that offer a perfect solution for various problems such as acne, cellulite, toenail fungus and more.

Development of new technologies and state-of-the-art treatment systems

The reasons for everything that we do are twofold:
The need of professionals in the field of medical cosmetics and beauty care for superior ergonomics, a comfortable work environment, an optimal speed of work as well as process efficiency; and the end clients’ need for amazing results, which are visible immediately even after just one treatment, reduction of the number of treatments required to achieve these results (and compliments), and their need for a comfortable, pain-free treatment without any side effects.

Bottom line – it’s all about People working for People

Ronny Bar, the company’s founder, established Leonardo after accumulating extensive experience in the field of cosmetic-medical equipment. The company takes pride in its superb team of development engineers, technical experts and training staff. Leonardo’s professional staff is entrusted with the on-going development of new devices; the strict control over manufacturing processes; and providing a close and personal technical customer support to our clients. All our R&D processes are performed with constant examination and learning of the changing needs of professionals in this field and their clients. We are guided, at all time, by the goal of generating the best results while enhancing the treatment experience.

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In today’s business world, there is no field that does not rely on research and development. Nevertheless, in order to be a leader in our line of business; to generate exclusive advantages; to develop innovative technologies; and to invent new and exciting patents, we put extra emphasis on the human factor, which is driven by the approach that perceives every problem, as a challenge and as a mission that carries with it a never-ending platform and opportunity for the expression of creativity and open-mindedness.


It’s no coincidence that we have chosen the name Leonardo, as this man and icon are synonymous, more than anything, with the word - innovation. One word that encompasses so many domains: comprehensive knowledge, groundbreaking creativity, perseverance and persistence, keeping one’s eyes wide open for identifying a need or a problem, knowing when to think outside the box – and ultimately incorporating all these domains into the process of creating the perfect solution - smart, cutting-edge and effective.


So far, we have talked about technologies, developments and patents. However, at the end of the day, we care about people the most. Whether it’s our developers, inventors or our customers around the world - ultimately, it’s the excellent interpersonal communication, empathy, openness and full transparency that make a difference. This is what needed to provide that unique experience in the attempt to meet human needs. These qualities can only be achieved by a single instrument - Integrity.


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